Casino Bonuses Are Not Always Free Money

Casinos are always offering new and exciting bonuses designed to encourage a player to deposit but be aware that casino bonuses are not free money. Before you part with your money have a good look around the site and read everything. Make you know what the rules and conditions are by reading any small print and most vitally the whole of the terms and conditions. Make sure that you’re plans fit the casinos requirements if you are a beginner playing online for the first time you probably don’t want to put down 100 as a deposit for example even if they double it so play for free until you feel ready.

How do I get the bonuses?
In general at most casino and poker sites you have to play through a certain set of requirements, this is the most common a casino may offer to double your initial deposit up to 100%. Most bahsegel casino’s have a play through requirement of 15 to 35 times the deposit or sometimes as high as 60. This mean you have to place bets equal to 15 to 35 times more than your initial deposit.

Example Deposit 100 so casino gives you 100 equaling 200 but it has a 30 times deposit play through requirement so you have to place bets totaling 30 x 200 which equals 6000. You can’t withdraw the money until you have met these requirements. Depending on the payout of the game you are statistically more likely to have played through all your money before reaching these requirements.

Common terms and abbreviations to look out for include the WR or wager requirement, which is the number and value of wagers to be placed before the Bonus can be withdrawn. Remember all wagers won or lost count towards this figure. Comp points or loyalty points are given for every wager placed and can be redeemed as cash. Cash bonuses can be withdrawn once relevant terms and conditions such as a wr have been met, some sites keep bonuses in a separate account. A reload bonus is one that is offered after sign up, usually after meeting certain targets.

Remember before digging in to your wallet and parting with your hard earned money make sure you fully understand the bonus requirements, also if you take your time to shop around and pick a site wisely you can find some really good bonuses that are easy to reach.


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